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Cold Diode Laser

How It Works

This laser hair removal system uses a diode laser with an integrated cooling system to minimize any discomfort during treatment. It produces a light beam that is powerful, concentrated and only targets the melanin in the hair follicle without targeting the surrounding areas.

Targetable areas

We can treat all regions of the body and the face. The most common areas include underarms, groin region, legs, arms, back, upper lip, sideburns, beard, and chest. It is to be noted that we offer different packages and it is possible to treat one or more areas during the same session.

Some of our most popular packages are our Head to Toe package that covers the entire body in one session as well as our Full Body package that includes popular areas such as full legs, brazillian and underarms.

Number of Sessions Required

On average, a minimum of 6 sessions are required. However, results may vary depending on your skin and hair type.

Cost of Treatment

Prices vary according to the areas treated and number of sessions required. Every treatment plan is unique & tailored to your needs to help you achieve your best self. During our free and no-commitment consultations, our specialists are here to listen and give you all the information you need to make knowledgeable choices.

Starting at 55$

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Pre-Appointment Preparation

It is asked that you arrive to your appointment with a fresh shave (24 hours prior) and without any lotions or creams on the region to be treated. In case you miss a spot, your skilled technician will use a disposable razor to make sure that no hair interferes with the treatment. Shaving the region stimulates the pigment of the hair and helps avoid the risk of micro burns. Do not wax, pluck or use electrolysis prior to your appointment. The use of photosensitizing medications needs to be stopped at least one month before your first treatment.


Sessions should be scheduled 4 to 6 weeks apart, depending on the treatment area. It should be noted that shaving is permitted between sessions and the skin must be shaved before each appointment. Please minimize sun exposure to the areas in treatment and a mineral sunscreen should be applied to said regions daily.


Laser hair removal should not be performed on sunburnt, blistered, or broken skin. It is preferred that pregnant or nursing women postpone this treatment, as well as anyone who has been exposed to the sun the month before each session (tanned skin). The use of tanning booths, or photosensitizing medication is prohibited as are waxing, tweezing and electrolysis in the area to be treated.


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